We are a family owned and operated business committed to the health and safety of our clients skin. Our Owner/Operator, Melanie Robins, has a Bachelor of Science and has spent over 20 years working as a scientist in the medical pathology field. She has extensive knowledge of the physiology of skin and the immunology of the body and what it takes for tattoos to be erased completely.

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

This must be THE most popular question we get asked. In short … every tattoo removal is different because every person and their tattoo are unique. Not only is every tattoo different, but everyone’s body is different too. So, with these two factors combined, there is...

Meet the Team – Melanie

Hi there! Thought I would introduce myself for those that don’t already know me. I’m Melanie, founder/owner and laser beam  extraordinaire at NuBare Laser Tattoo Removal. In my former career life I worked as a scientist in several Pathology Laboratories and for twenty...

How Long Does a Laser Tattoo Removal Session Take?

‘How long will my tattoo removal session take?’ If you’re considering laser tattoo removal, this may be one of the questions that you are wanting to know. Good news is its quicker than you think!   Unfortunately there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question...

Quanta Q Plus C EVO Vs Pico

By now you may have done a fair bit of research on laser tattoo removal and may be a little confused by all the information that is out there. So who do you believe? Well, here at NuBare Laser Tattoo Removal we did a lot of research when it came to purchasing our...

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

One of the most common questions that we get asked on the daily here at NuBare Laser Clinic is “Does laser tattoo removal hurt?”. In a nut shell, yes. It hurts, but it is definitely bearable. Laser Tattoo Removal does involve a certain level of pain but most patients...

NuBare is absolutely amazing. I was very nervous going into this hearing from friends how painful this procedure is. Mel eased my nerves and explained exactly how it’s carried out, made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and made sure we were going at my own pace. I’ve already booked my next appointment and I’ve already recommended NuBare to a friend! 5 Star Facebook Review


Awesome service. Melanie’s scientific background and knowledge is a huge asset and comfort when getting a tattoo removed. NuBare have the latest technology in lazers I discovered when researching. I travel from Brisbane for the service as this is who I trust.


LOVED IT! Have just had my first treatment and I'm thrilled! Melanie is super friendly & professional and even after 1 treatment I can tell I will be super happy with the end result! I Cant wait for my next appointment! 5 Star Facebook Review