Hi there!

Thought I would introduce myself for those that don’t already know me. I’m Melanie, founder/owner and laser beam  extraordinaire at NuBare Laser Tattoo Removal.

In my former career life I worked as a scientist in several Pathology Laboratories and for twenty odd years  played with every body fluid possible on the daily.

So why did I put aside the microscope for the laser beam? I’ve always loved tattoos and art but after getting a very regrettable tatt myself I became fascinated with the removal process. After years of researching and thinking about it I decided to follow my dream and retire the lab coat and don the laser safety goggles.

Having a Science degree is definitely an advantage in this industry. Studying subjects such as human anatomy and physiology, infection control, physics, metabolic chemistry etc in my degree has given me a deeper understanding to how the laser and the lymphatic system work hand in hand to erase your ink.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people to fade back or erase their old tattoos. I treat everyone with compassion and understanding while being completely transparent regarding their individual tattoo removal journey. My number one priority is to keep your skin in the best state possible, and sometimes even restoring it to a better condition than when you came in via my amazing Fractional Laser.

Come in and say hi and let me help erase the past