There are many different reasons why people decide to remove their tattoos. For whatever reason someone decides to remove their we are here to help.
Fortunately tattoo removal has become more affordable, a lot more effective and a little less painful with technological advances. Due to this people no longer have to live with tattoo regret.

 The top 10 reasons for tattoo removal that I often encounter are listed below:

 A lot of people find that they are no longer the same person they were 20 years ago, 10 years ago or even 2 years ago and that their old tattoo is no longer a representation of their current selves. They may even be embarrassed by their past choices in ink.  Often the style of tattoo can also just be “out of date”.  Tattoos have evolved greatly over the years. Gone are the super thick lined tattoos of yesteryear.  Tattoos now look like photos or feature super fine feminine lines. 

 I see this one a lot. Sometimes people still love their tattoo, but the quality of it is poor and the clarity of the tattoo is terrible. Muddy lines, blow out, inconsistent lines and tattoos that are a “funny” shape are common complaints.
This is very common with script tattoos often being too thick, blurred or not the font you imagined.  Paying less for the apprentice  is often not the best idea.

A lot of people who are about to start a family or have young kids often start having their tattoos removed. I often hear people say they don’t want to be hypocritical and tell their kids not to get tattoos when they themselves have them. Others just wouldn’t like their kids to see the content of their tattoos. 

Even today there are many work places where visible tattoos are unacceptable. That full sleeve or those cool hand tatts you put on at 18 may not be helping your employment opportunities at 28. Careers such as pilots, police and armed forces may be restricted by some tattoos and I often hear people say that their mistake of tattooing their knuckles or hands has ruined their chance of their dream job.

 This is another very popular reason people remove or fade back their tattoos. Often clean skin in highly tattooed people becomes a high commodity and sometimes something has to go to make way for new art.
Out with the old and in with the new. 

 Whether this is because it reminds your new partner of your past partners or your new partner just doesn’t like tattoos, people tend to remove tattoos for their partners to keep everything peachy on the home-front. 

 It seemed like a great idea at the time, you were going to be with Johnny for the rest of your life but sometimes sh!t happens and  things just don’t work out the way you thought they would. Wedding bands, initials and tattoos that remind one of a past love are high on the list of tattoos that people want removed and these are generally the ones that people want gone STAT!

 Unfortunately this is just a a side effect of time vs tattoo. The older a tattoo is, it will become lighter, duller, blurrier and never look as bright and sharp as it did when it was applied 10 years ago.

 Just because you loved it 10 years ago doesn’t mean you have to love it now. Everyones tastes change over time. Like a piece of art on your wall, your hairstyle, your fashion etc over time, your tastes change. Or, simply you might be just plain sick of it. After looking at it for 10 years you may just want to see plain skin now or a different design. 

I usually hear this mainly from the gals but I sometimes hear it from the guys too.
I often have ladies come in and they have restricted their wardrobe for years to cover their tattoo. Don’t let that tattoo restrict you from wearing that cute little strappy dress this summer or that backless wedding gown you have always dreamed of. 

 Whatever your reason for wanting your tattoo removed, NuBare can help! Book in today for your FREE consultationr

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